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When you write a review, it tells others about God’s work in our camp. You can add photos and be specific about the things you enjoy at Rock River Bible Camp. Here are a few tips:


  • Write about what really stands out to you about the camp.
  • Make it personal. Share part of your journey. This is a great way to share part of your personal testimony, but keep it brief and upbeat.
  • Use words/language that everyone understands and can relate to.
  • Feel free to make it fun, use emojis, etc.
  • Write like you are visiting with a person who has never been to camp before.
  • We love 5 stars!
  • Don’t really worry about perfect grammar and spelling. In fact, if it’s too perfect a review can sound fake.


Here are two examples of great reviews:


Review Example:


“I love the fact that they welcome everyone like family. Friendly smiles everywhere. The chapels are awesome and we learn the Bible in a fun way and its lifegiving. I love the community and just about everything about it. Thankful to God for the friends I've made there.”


Review Example:


“ I LOVE this camp! I have gone to church all my life and I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like this. It has AWESOME worship that you can really get involved in. The people are outstanding and keeps our interest throughout the entire message. All of the games and activities are so fun. A lot of kids talk about wanting to come back the next year before they are even out of the door. I highly recommend this camp. It is very welcoming for everyone. AWESOME!!!”


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