Learn more about the team that makes camp happen.


RRBC is directed and operated by a group of area pastors and community leaders who make up our camp board. Many are involved in the local churches connected to our camp. They meet quarterly and would love to help answer any questions you have.

Gary Brown

Camp Director

In his own words, if you cut Gary Brown he would "bleed Rock River Bible Camp". Gary is a sage pastor, mentor, leader, and friend. He is passionate about unity and adventure in life with Christ, leads our camp, raises up leaders, and serves as a pastor in Winnebago, IL. He and his wife, Ann, pour love into everyone they encounter bringing love and truth.

Kenny Paoli

Board President

Kenny's life was transformed by his experiences at RRBC as a young camper. Through the love of others and the power of Christ, he was freed from chains of sin in his own life as well as generational chains of sin. He and his wife, Ashley, work relentlessly to be a family of blessing to their own kids, foster children, school children, and all the kids of RRBC.

Dan & Katie


Camp Caretakers

Dan & Katie are our incredible caretakers! They care for our guest groups, manage our facilities, and keep our camp beautiful. Them along with their amazing family bring joy and life to our grounds and our time together.

Josie Hussey

Registrar & Dixon Rep

Josie's joy is equally matched by her brilliance. She has an infectious gift for helping and caring for others and is a rock of the agricultural community in Dixon. She is an inspiration in making sacrifices to care for all those at RRBC.

Merle Saunders


Merle is the most helpful and sweetest guy around. He is a foundational member of our camp and his family has been camping at RRBC for generations.

David Carr

Pastor: Afolkey EC

Craig Conner

Pastor: Cedarville EC 

Zachary Van Dyke

Pastor: Hooppole EC

David Mennig

Pastor: Dixon Bethel EC

Teresa Aspinwall

Afolkey Representative

Rhonda Giedd

Cedarville Representative

Judy Doye

Hooppole Representative


Our board has opened up applications for churches not affiliated with the EC church to join our camp board. Churches in Illinois may apply to have two full members on the Camp Board of Directors. All requests must be approved by the camp board. Use the button below to apply and ask any questions you have about our board.


Our deans are a dream team of volunteers who organize and lead all of our weeks of camps. They recruit and train volunteers, stay up late and wake up early, and work all year to make engaging experiencing for all our campers.

Senior Camp

Abby Frye, Dina Frye, Ryan Gahm, & Kenny Paoli

Abby, Kenny, Ryan, and Dina have served in about every role possible at camp and they work all year to encourage and connect with teens. They create a culture of fun, freedom, and chasing after Christ even when the culture would tell you otherwise.

Intermediate Camp

Brook Lillge

Brook has experience as a leader at many camps and is a local youth group leader. She is incredibly fun and nurturing, and helps our middle school age kids experience Jesus in a safe and encouraging environment.

Junior Camp

Hanna Kasten

Hanna is as fun as she is incredibly gifted at leading our sweet elementary school age kiddos. A local teacher herself, she understands how kids and leaders grow and builds up her team with joy and clarity.

Primary Camp

Pete Knipschield & Adam Gerber

Pete and Adam bring joy and clarity to the lives of our littlest campers. They tell Bible stories and play games in a way that are accessible and engaging. They build an incredible team to encourage and comfort these sweet, adventurous campers.


Our teams from the board to counselors to kitchen staff are entirely volunteer. Yeah, the experiences we've had here mean that much to us! We love it!


We have a variety of positions that serve our camps for a week at a time throughout July, and then again during retreat season. We'd love to help find the right fit for you gifts, passions, and schedule. Learn more and apply! Our deans will reach out to talk through details.


We would love to help answer them