Camp Registration

These are the new fees for the 2014 Camping Season:
Primary Camp – $75 ($60 if postmarked before June 1, 2014)
Senior, Intermediate and Junior Camps – $150 ($135 if postmarked before June 1, 2014)
There is still a non-refundable deposit of $30 required.  To get the above mentioned discounts, this deposit needs to be sent to the registrar and postmarked before June 1.

Send to:
Camp Registrar/Laura Gerber
222 McKinley Street
Hooppole, IL 61258

We still have the $15 discount if you have more than one child attending any of the camps.  The first camper will pay the full price and any campers after that, in the same family, will get the discount.

Are you of the age where you are no longer eligible to be considered a camper?  We have numerous opportunities for you to serve in other capacities.  Contact the Dean of the camp you want to serve and see if there is a place for you.

Primary Camp Registration

Senior Camp Registration

Junior Camp Registration

Intermediate Camp Registration


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