There are many ways that you can donate to Rock River Bible Camp:

First, a financial contribution. Checks can be sent to:
Rock River Bible Camp
P.O. Box 422, Dixon, IL 61021

Second, a memorial can be established and the person(s) or family can also help determine how that money can be used for the camp.

Third, a time donation:
There are always things that need to be done at the camp. We are more than willing to help coordinate work teams with the caretakers. The caretaker position is a ministry position, they can always use help. You can always email the caretakers or any of the board if you have people willing to help or have students that need community service hours.

Fourth, Love Gift offering. Below is a list of supplies that can always be used by the camp. By donating these materials you are helping to supply consumables and allow he camp budget dollars to stretch further to help build the camp in the future.
White paper Towel Rolls
Brown Towel Rolls – Gordon Food Service 1 7/8″ x 8″ x 630 ft
Bleach Spray
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Scrubbing Bubbles
SOS Pads
Toilet Paper
Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray
Lime Away
Bleach – unscented
Dawn Dish Soap
Mold/Mildew Spray
Lysol Liquid
Disinfectant Spray
Kaboom Cleaner
Daily Shower Cleaner Spray
Liquid Hand Soap
Glass Cleaner
Wooden Strike Matches
Heavy Duty Push Brooms
Laundry Soap
Dryer Sheets
Playtex Rubber Kitchen Gloves
Disposable Latex Cleaning Gloves
Scotch Brite Pads
Oxy clean Powder
Aluminum Foil
Ziplock bags – quart and gallon
Plastic Wrap
Styrofoam Cups
Paper napkins
Paper plates
55 gallon garbage bags
35 gallon garbage bags
Mouse Poison
Rotella 15-40 Diesel Motor Oil
Dump truck loads of gravel
Ping Pong Balls
Four-square balls

Last, but not least, PRAYERS! Keep the camp in your prayers, we always want this to be God’s camp and be able to use it to bring people into a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.