Senior Camp
Dean is Kenny Paoli
Youth completing 9th/10th/11th/12th grade

Senior, Intermediate and Junior Camps – $150

There is still a non-refundable deposit of $30 required.  To get the above mentioned discounts, this deposit needs to be sent to the registrar and postmarked before June 1.

We still have the $15 discount if you have more than one child attending any of the camps.  The first camper will pay the full price and any campers after that, in the same family, will get the discount.

Are you of the age where you are no longer eligible to be considered a camper?  We have numerous opportunities for you to serve in other capacities.  Contact the Dean of the camp you want to serve and see if there is a place for you.

Camp Capacity
Senior Camp has a capacity of 90 campers (36 boys and 54 girls). Registrations are accepted on a first come/first served basis. Final number of campers depends on available staff and beds.

Check In Time
Campers can begin to arrive for their camp on Sunday between 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Late arrivals are permitted only by pre-arrangement with the Camp Dean. In all cases, the camper must arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday. There is no discount for those arriving late or who leave early.

Senior Campers who drive their own cars will be required to park in the designated parking area and turn all keys over to the Camp Dean. If the camper must temporarily leave camp they may use their car after receiving approval from the Camp Dean.  Parents of campers who are minors must pre-approve requests to leave with the Camp Dean.  Keys will be returned to the Camp Dean upon return to the camp.

Check Out Time
Check out time is 10:00 am on Saturday.  We ask that parents and campers be ready to leave at this time.  However, each camper must have completed their clean up responsibilities prior to leaving.
Requests for Cabin Assignments
Campers may request a cabin assignment with a friend. However, final cabin assignments will be made by the Camp Dean. Every attempt will be made to honor the request-especially for campers who have never attended Rock River Bible Camp.

Requests to Leave Camp
Requests to leave the camp temporarily can be arranged, but are discouraged to avoid disrupting the campers time at RRBC.  Parents of Campers who are minors must pre-arrange requests to leave with the Camp Dean.

Visits to the Camp
Parents are welcome to visit the camp, but should arrange the visit with the Camp Dean so as to avoid interruption of the program. All other visitors must receive permission from the Dean prior to arrival.

Telephone Use
Campers are not allowed to have or use their cell phones while at camp.  Cell phones brought to camp will be turned off, collected by the Camp Dean and returned upon check out.  Campers are allowed to make calls only by permission of the Camp Dean.  If you need to reach your camper in an emergency, please use the Camp Phone 815-652-4410.

In case of sickness or injury that would require emergency medical attention, the camper’s family health insurance is named as the primary insurance.

What You Should Pack
You’ll want changes for each day, including clothes for wet or messy activities. Also pack something more dressy for a banquet, swim wear for water activities and a sweat shirt or jacket for cool evenings.  All clothing and swimwear must be modest and in good taste.  It must not contain suggestive or inappropriate writing/graphics.  Anyone wearing objectionable clothing or swimwear will be asked to change.

Bring a sleeping bag or twin sheets and blankets and a pillow.

Bring a couple of towels, personal hygiene items, soap, sun block and bug repellent.

Sporting Equipment
Feel free to bring baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, or other sporting equipment for free time.

Musical Instruments
If you play an instrument, you’re welcome to bring it along and share your talent.

Bring your Bible, along with a pen/pencil, notebook.

Flashlight, small folding camp chair/picnic blanket, board games.

Please label all items with your name or initials!
What You Shouldn’t Pack
You won’t need radios, IPods, TV’s, cell phones, computer games, laser pointers, water guns or water balloons.  Alcohol, tobacco, firearms/archery equipment or fireworks are strictly prohibited on the camp grounds.

Camper Snack Bar
Ice cream, pop, candy, and fruit is available for campers to purchase during the week. Campers routinely spend no more than $15-20. All money is turned into the camp bank upon registration. Unused money is returned at the end of the week. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen money not deposited in the camp bank.

Camp Mementos
Shirts and other mementos are available during the registration period and at the close of camp. Shirts average $12.

Disciplinary Action
All campers are expected to abide by the signed Code of Conduct. Violation could result in the camper being removed from camp. This will be done are the parent’s expense, and there will be no refund of the camping fees. Willful destruction of camp property will be charged to the camper’s parents.